Borderlands Nerf Bandit Gun for Cosplay

This year I decided to start my journey into the the world of cosplay, or as some might call it, fancy dress for geeks.

I was initially toying with the idea that I’d dress up as Zoe from Firefly, but changed my mind once I got my hands on Borderlands 2.

One of the joys of Borderlands is the colourful array of guns to choose from and what’s more fun for a fan than to have your own replica of a gun from the game?

Now when I think of Borderlands guns one of the first gun types to come to mind is the Bandit made guns. They’re usually not my first choice to equip, but they definitely stand out thanks to their bright red colour and long line of teeth painted along the barrel of the gun. With this in mind I decided to buy myself a couple of nerf guns and customise one to suit my outfit.

The Gun

Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun

Stage One: Base Coat

Stage one mostly consisted of sanding down the gun in case it had a layer which would prevent the paint from sticking. Once this was completed I covered the gun in a layer of silver, thinking that if the gun was to get scratched it might hopefully go down to this layer and looked more realistic and metallic.

Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun

Stage Two: The Mouth

I was kind of making this process up as I went along to be honest, so I decided that the black mouth area should be done first as I could then tape over it and cover the rest in other layers and draw on teeth.

For this I covered the gun  in masking tape in a triangular shape.

Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun

Stage Three: Red

Keeping a reference picture handy (but not following it exactly so that the gun was more personalised), the next step was to figure out which sections would need to be red and which would stay silver.

I covered the sections I wanted to stay silver in masking tape, including little details like some of the fake screws that Nerf guns seem to have on them, then coated the gun I red paint a couple of times (for good measure).

Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun

Stage Four: The Teeth

The teeth were simply drawn on with a white posca pen, since this seemed like and easier option than making tape triangles and spray painting them on.

Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun

Stage Five: The Details

I don’t imagine many well used guns would still have complete layers of paint and no scratches, so to add some finishing touches I scraped a little of the paint down to silver level. Also, using a silver Posca pen, I added some fake scratches across the surface for that ‘most loved’ gun look.

Borderlands 2 Nerf Gun

Completed Bandit Gun

I’m pretty happy with how the gun turned out and the whole process was pretty fun (except for waiting for paint to dry). Take a look at the finished model below!

Borderlands 2 Nerf GunBorderlands 2 Nerf Gun

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