Creative Process by Creative Liverpool

Some of you may or may not be aware of a creative meet up that happens in Elevator Bar in Liverpool on the first Thursday of every month. Whilst I’m aware of it, I’ve never actually managed to get myself down to a regular one as I have a habit of forgetting it’s the first Thursday of the month when it comes around.

Creative Process was different to the usual format (that’s a guess) and was a bigger event with a few different speakers talking about various things to do with their own creative process.

The speakers were as following:
Brendan Dawes
Jake Smith of JP74
Dan Donald of Here in the Hive
Gary McGarvey of Screenadelica
David Lloyd of Sevenstreets

The mix of speakers was really good and the headline speaker, Brendan Dawes, really topped the night off with a highly entertaining talk about his work and process. I also really enjoyed David’s talk, having been a reader of Sevenstreets for a while now.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any notes, so I don’t have any gems to pass on, but if you really wanted those then you should have been there!

After talks there was finger food and mingling, with some drinks tokens thrown in for good measure and a chance to peruse Screenadelica’s wares.

I really enjoyed the night (hats off to the organisers) so I decided to buy our tickets for the next creative process coming up in April straight away. Who knows, maybe I’ll even remember it’s the first Thursday of the month some time before then!

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