Do people still buy tote bags?

With 41 days left until the Winter Arts Market I have a surprisingly small amount of products to sell so far. I’ve planned loads, but I still need to print and package and paint almost everything.

I’m not too worried yet, but I am starting to think I’ve planned too big of a range and wondering if people still buy things like tote bags.

There’s tote bags on sale in cheapo shops like Forever 21, but that’s not really an indication of whether anyone wants them. I know I get loads for free at various events and have bought a couple over time but I’d have to really like a design to get another.

Maybe I’d be better designing tea towels instead. Maybe I’m just getting older and have too many posters, prints and totes and assume moving on to something practical might appeal to more people.

Illustration of an octopus on a rock throne wearing a crown

You may be happy to know I’ll be screen printing The Octopus King and it’ll be on sale at the Winter Arts Market in December. I hope.

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