I want to start writing about food

I’ve always found writing the first post for a blog to be kind of awkward. It’s like going on a date with someone who barely adds anything to the conversation, so you try to fill in the silence with chatter about yourself while trying not to come across as self-absorbed or boring.

I originally wrote this post for a new blog, but I think evolving this one is a much better idea. Rather than creating something entirely new I can keep these old posts and just attempt to add new ones.

Let’s start by re-introducing myself though in case you’re into that sort of thing.

My name is Abigail Sinclair (AKA ‘Abe’) and I’m a web designer and front-end developer based in the UK. I’ve been building websites professionally for over 10 years and building them for fun for roughly 20 years.

Like most developers I’ve spent years asking search engines how to code but I never had the confidence to write about it for myself. I’ve pinched countless snippets of code from blogs written by other developers, rarely stopping to appreciate how useful those posts were or how much harder my job would be without them.

My search for knowledge, or bitesize tips and tricks I can pick up in under 5 minutes, doesn’t stop with websites either. I look up so many things on a daily basis that I’m not sure if I’d even know how to function as an adult without Google standing by to tell me how.

This time though, as I embark upon my cooking journey, I’d like to share what I learn and hopefully give other people somewhere to discover exactly what they need at just the right time.

So, why food?

The past year has been mentally exhausting for a variety of reasons, but I’ve realised that when I’m cooking I’m able to take a mental break from my giant task list. Unlike my other hobbies such as drawing or printmaking, cooking feels much easier to practice every day.

When you make a bad piece of art it’ll haunt you until the day you destroy it, but if you make a bad meal you’ll basically destroy it as you eat it. You’ll have another excuse to try again tomorrow as dinnertime approaches too.

I’m hoping that as I learn about food I’ll share that knowledge here, so that even if I forget it myself I’ll know exactly where I can find the information again.

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