Keep Drawing, Making and Doing

Recently I’ve been making sure that I put my work out for people to see and in the process I’ve received compliments which has boosted my confidence loads. It’s also encouraged me to do more and continue this cycle of making things and getting nice feedback.

Maybe have people telling you all the time to do what you love whenever you have a spare moment. You should listen to them as it really does help you grow. You’ll end up filling your life doing the things that really make you happy, and even if you only improve slowly (and you will improve) you’ll gain more confidence in what you do.

The things that are super tough to begin with will become less of a hassle and you’ll be more adept with the tools or software that you weren’t very good with to start.

I also encourage you to get your things out into the world and allow yourself to get some feedback from people around you.

Put your work out there for others to see and ignore the people that don’t like it. I’m sure there’s work out there that is popular that you don’t enjoy, so leave people with opposing views to think what they think.

It doesn’t even need to go anywhere specific; just create an Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr account and start posting quick snapshots. Remember to use hashtags on Instagram as it feels nice to see the likes fly in, even if you guess half of them are from bots 😉

Don’t think you’re the best at anything? That doesn’t matter!

Don’t let fears that there are better designers/artists/makers out there than you stop you from trying. Not everyone is a lucky as you to have a creative mind. There will always be people who wish they could do what you can do, no matter how basic, and there are always people who are amazing that are too lazy to bother. Being average and working hard isn’t a thing to look down on!

Another thing to remember is that you’ll always need people who are better than you in the world, or nothing will inspire you to improve. Don’t get jealous, just enjoy it.

Now go away, you should be making things!

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