The quest for portfolio satisfaction

I’m really feeling the urge to take down my website and leave it down until I’ve fixed it. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this about a personal website either, judging by the holding pages I see regularly for websites ‘under construction’ (cue animated builder gif). Taking it down wouldn’t really serve much purpose other than to ease my mind though, knowing that nobody can see the mess I’ve made.

The problem is that I reworked the website to fit larger and smaller browser windows with the full intention of coming back to upload better sized photos. That task however proved to be too much for my attention span and now at certain sizes it’s just a mess.

I need to devote some time to making this website work fully and get a shop on here before I start sell things at craft fairs.  I know a lot of people don’t buy things the first time they see them, so giving them a place to browse and buy later is essential.

Who else finds they want to redo their website as soon as they finish the current version? I’m guessing it’s not just us web designers!

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