Screen Print Swap: The Spoils

At the end of last year I posted some photos of the very first screenprints I’d made and offered them up for swaps in my Screen Print Swap post. I didn’t get a massive response, but I’m pretty chuffed with the 3 items I got for my measly posters!

Below are the items I go in exchange and I apologise for not taking photos in very flattering light but I’ve not had time and this was the best I could do!  I did get a couple of extras such as stickers, badges and even a LEGO bat, but the photos I took with these in were even worse.

There are still 2  left to swap so feel free to leave a comment to ask for one and offer up something in return.

1. Circles by Simon Hardman

I really love the harmony of this drawing and the attention to detail that’s gone into it.  I actually used to do drawings very similar to this a few years ago but mine were more random shapes than the beautifully coordinated circles that Simon has drawn.


2. Moby Dick by Mister Hope

Now Mister Hope is an artist I’ve followed since we wandered past his table a couple of years ago and I just fell in love with his drawing style.  You might have seen the stacking dolls he made that I posted about early last year, but if you have a minute I highly recommend you check out his website and buy yourself something nice.

I requested a drawing of Moby Dick for this swap and I got a wonderfully detailed drawing and even badges! It’s so good, I love it.


3. Screen Print by Will Adams

Will and I have swapped custom figures before (I sent him a custom Rooz) so it was nice to swap on this too. He sent me a screen print he’d done a few month earlier and gave me a choice of colours. Orange was clearly the best!

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I’ve only just noticed this! I love the moby dick drawing!! N thank you for the kind words. I’m just waiting to get my walls sorted out in my new house then the squid print will be up!!

Simon Hardman

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