Squiddles Exhibition

So on Saturday, Mark and I went down to the Squiddles Exhibition at Walrus Bar in Manchester.  The exhibition was organised by Matt Daniels (AKA Stickypop) in memory of his girlfriend who sadly passed away in July.
As Mark and I are both big fans of Tado, we were eager to get our hands on the prints that they had created for this exhibition.

I ended up buying 3 prints in total by Tado, Aaron Miller and JamFactory; all of whom are designers/illustrators I’ve been following lately and drooling over their work a little.  I’m very happy to have been able to buy some of their prints!

Apologies for the poor quality photos about to follow, I might have to redo them when it’s daylight and I have a better spot to put them in.  For now, shhh.

I also bought myself another Tic Toc Apocalyse Toy from Forbidden Planet which I love.

Take a look:

Tic Toc Apocalypse Toys

As for my own illustration you can expect to see at least 10 new drawing pop up in the next week or so as I’ve started my luggage tag project 🙂

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