The sun is back and I’m eager to get creative

It’s been a while since I finished a post, but hopefully no one will notice as I’m going to finish a bunch of drafts and backdate them šŸ˜‰ I guess saying that gives it away though…

In other news, the sun is back. Hooray! Let’s all buy BBQs and beers and lie around on small patches of grass.

Despite the lovely weather yesterday, I decided to spend my time after work indoors at Creative Liverpool seeing as it was the first Thursday of the month. I don’t mind sacrificing sun and a little sleep for socialising, though I do think we should organise a Creative Picnic one time and take it to Sefton Park.

Creative Liverpool was fun, as usual, and it’s always nice to chat to other creative people.

We wandered down to Draw the Line afterwards at Djangos Riff to wow at the talented people who can create some amazing drawings with felt pens on bar tables covered in wallpaper.

Mike had gone for a Tarantino themed evening, with music from the soundtracks to the films and tables with a different film theme each. I’m not sure how much people stuck to the theme, but I did see a pretty kickass Pulp Fiction set of caricatures.

So, that was my Thursday.

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