Thought Bubble Comicon 2012

Every year in November there’s a magical event that I’m always excited for called Thought Bubble. I know the UK has a number of different comicons throughout the year, but this one is my favourite.

Headline Guests

Two of the headline guests this year, Kate Beaton and Scott C, are amongst some of my favourite comic artists so I was very excited to have the chance to meet them both.

I got Hark a Vagrant signed by Kate (with a drawing of me inside!) and Great Showdowns signed by Scott (with a drawing of a dinosaur party inside). They were both lovely to meet and happy to have a mini chat with everyone in the queue, despite having to speak to hundreds of people in their queues all day.

Comic Artists

One of the main reasons I love Thought Bubble so much is that I get to meet so many of the artists I follow around the internet all year. I also get to discover new people to start internet stalking and force everyone to doodle in the front of whatever I buy from them.

I’m not very clued up on huge comic artists so the tables I head straight for tend to be those with smaller comics and a reasonable web audience. Usually we meander in a snake like pattern through the halls but I keep an eye out for people such as Timothy Winchester, Joe List, Liz Lunney, Mister Hope, Dan Berry and Marc Ellerby, whom I’ve been buying comics from for a few years now.


This year Mark and I decided to attend in cosplay; something my inner geek has been wanting to do for years. Thought Bubble draws in hundreds of cosplayers every year and I’m always amazed by the effort people make with their outfits.

I’ll post a photo of us dressed up as Borderlands 2 characters (the commando and the mechromancer) later.

The biggest part of the costume for me was the gun, which you can see the progression of in my Borderlands Bandit Gun for Cosplay post.

Next year I think we’ll go for Bioshock Infinite themed costumes 🙂

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