Some thoughts and a general update

Hello! I guess it’s about time I injected some life into this little blog before it gets too awkward to bother updating again. The posts here really are a random collection of thoughts, but that’s a pretty good reflection of my mind on the whole. I guess I’ll just write a short post to get things going and we’ll see what happens next.

Sometimes I feel the need to get thoughts down to get them out of my brain, but also record them for a later date when I’m on the other side of an emotional hurdle. Funnily enough I felt the need to write exactly the kind of post I avoided posting last May when I was last on here, only with almost eight months backpacking in the middle of it. I won’t get all melancholy though as it’s not something I want to publish right now.

In the past 12 months I’ve written loads of blog posts for the travel blog I have over at I wrote a few posts on my web design portfolio too, but those are really just for SEO. If you’ve got some time to spare and enjoy reading about people moving around the globe for a bit, I’d definitely recommend checking out Back In Seven. It’s probably the most interesting trip I’m going to have in my lifetime.

At the moment my head is stuck in a space between feeling proud and feeling mediocre at the same time. I’m really struggling to measure my own achievements in a way that makes me happy about them and not jealous of others. The root cause of the negativity is most likely social media where I envy how well others are doing in terms of followers and features. It’s a constant battle to remind myself not to use the double-tap of a stranger to be a measurement of my self worth in any way.

There’s plenty of things in my life to be happy about though, as well as plenty of things to be proud of too. I just finished a seven month trip in which I visited 18 countries and experienced some amazing things. My freelance career is in motion again and is picking up nicely. I just recently organised another successful print fair with The Print Social¬†and we’ve got plans for the next one which we’re slowly making happen.

The post-travel blues are hitting me hard right now though, so I might need a minute to get back into the rhythm of normality.