I guess this is a lifestyle blog then

I’ve never been great at keeping blogs alive for very long periods, despite having made so many over the past 15+ years. There have been livejournals, WordPress blogs, tumblr accounts, and all sorts of random accounts where I dump my thoughts, but they only get attention for a few months at a time before life gets in the way. 

This site has posts which date back to before I had sold at craft fairs and long before I learned to screen print, so I guess it’s the most solid blog I’ve had so far. 

My plan for this website was always for it to be my illustration portfolio, right up until I became a freelance web designer a few months ago and realised I’d never be a professional illustrator. Drawing things is my fun hobby which gives me something to work on outside of client work and I’ve spent seven years developing my web skills which is just easier to get jobs for. Was there really any point in putting my silly drawings on something I pretended was a portfolio? 

What even is this website then? I guess that’s what I’m asking myself publicly on my quiet corner of this server space. I’m not even sure what I’m rambling on about now, I just can’t sleep and sometimes I find writing a post helps.

Someone suggested that I blog about life as a freelancer to document the process and give advice to people who are thinking about making the leap. Sorry if you came here for that, but I reckon those people dropped off in the second sentence anyway. The rest of you are probably just nosey or can’t sleep and find that reading someone else’s ramblings helps you nod off. 

I enjoy reading these posts after a few years to reflect on how life has changed, if at all. I know I could keep this to myself and I’m contributing to the digital noise for no reason. There’s just some weird little part of my brain which enjoys the thought of someone randomly stumbling on here and quietly thinking how similar or how totally different we are as people, before getting distracted and moving on. 

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