Screen Print Swap! Squid Dinner

A couple of weeks ago I tried screen printing for the first time with my squid dinner illustration. Below you can see some of the results.

They’re not bad for a first try and I’ve had a couple of people ask for one, so I’ve decided to put them on here and offer them for swaps. They’re not perfect and there are even faults with the original drawing, so if I hire the print studio in the new year it’s likely to look a lot more refined and cost more.

I couldn’t ask for money for these, but if you think you have something you’d fancy swapping for one just let me know in the comments below!

They’re roughly A3 in size (I realised afterwards that the paper wasn’t cut straight). There won’t be a frame included, that’s just to show you how wonky they are 😉



#3: RESERVED by Simon Hardman


#4 : RESERVED by Mister Hope




#6: RESERVED by Will Adams


I’ll take one…what would you like to swap!?

Mister Hope

I’d be happy with a quick sketch of anything from you, not even coloured!

I’m also going to paste a comment I made on Facebook…

“Anything I might like, really. Original artwork, a good Xbox game that someone might own but never play, a blank Munny or even a customised one, old LEGO people have lying around, lunch, a small bottle of JD, vinyl toys (things like this

I’m open to suggestion.”

Hmmmm…a sketch huh!? Let me know what you want…I’ll get on it ASAP!

Mister Hope

Moby Dick!

I’m guessing these are all taken?

David Yates

Nope, 2 and 5 still want a good home 🙂

I like number 5 as the patches without print remind me of the rustic nature of old film 🙂
What kind of things are you after in a swap haha?

David Yates

Well the other 3 got me 2 drawings, another screenprint and a LEGO figure. What’ve you got to swap?

I think I’ll make a follow up post about what I got tonight so you can see.

I finally got that post up about my screen print swap winnings by the way 🙂


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